Towards the realization of our 'Tabita' project

For this project we collected (partially) sponsored radiators and accessories in the Netherlands and had them transported to Romania via Rabelink. The other materials are delivered locally by Rensa Family member Uniprest at very attractive prices in Romania. Just some exchange by email about the delivered materials between Aurelia David and Eggo Boer of Stichting Warmte voor de Kinderen.

Sunday 6 June:
Hi Eggo, We would like to thank Stichting Warmte voor de Kinderen and all those involved in this project. You can mention in the magazine about this project and about the Tabita house and in addition I will attach a photo with me and my husband. GOD BLESS YOU WITH HEALTH AND WORK POWER. with respect, Aurelia David.

Tuesday June 8:
Just an update. Hereby the message from Aurelia (David is her last name!) with the photo of the couple David. Today received confirmation from Rabelink that the radiators are on their way and will probably be delivered next Thursday. The planner in Romania has already contacted Aurelia and will inform her one day in advance about the exact delivery date and time. Good service from Rabelink!! Kind regards, Eggo.

Saturday June 12:
Hello everyone, On Thursday 3 June, the radiators for our TABITA project were delivered by Rensa to Rabelink in Wehl. Also on Thursday 3 June I brought an electric wheelchair for another project to Rabelink. I was informed that the radiators had already arrived and that I would put the three pallets together and put the necessary stickers on them. On Monday 7 June I received a message from Rabelink that the transport was on its way and was expected in Bocsa on Thursday morning. And indeed, our materials were unloaded on Thursday morning June 10th at 10:00 AM. Friday morning I received the following email from Aurelia:

Friday 11 June:
Hi Eggo, The materials arrived safely with us, yesterday around 10 am I unloaded the truck. Everything good. I also saw the list of materials to be received from Uniprest, I also contacted the plumber to check when the materials will come. Thank you! Have a blessed day! with respect, Aurelia David Still waiting for the materials from Uniprest. Aurelia has already made contact with the people of Uniprest. Respect for taking care of the transport and the information about the progress. I already received a copy of the consignment note, signed for receipt.