Completion of school in Tekucica!

As promised in my previous email, today I visited the site of the Cultural Center and the school in Tekućica. Attached you will find the photos of the current state of affairs on the site. As you will see, many things are done "last minute". Currently the excavator is digging the hole to place the pipes for the septic tanks:

Also this morning the opening on the roof for the chimney was cut, and now they are trying to finish the work on the chimney:

You can also see the proximity of the Cultural Center to the local school, as proof that the children of the school will also use the Cultural Center building as their room for physical education classes, especially in winter when they cannot go outside sports.

The toilets have two sections, one for ladies with two toilets, and one for men, also with two toilets. The ceramic tiles are in place, now they are waiting for the finishing and installation of the PVC panels to make toilet compartments (planned for the coming week, before opening, and to add two sinks and mirrors and toilet heaters).

The kitchen corner is not finished yet, neither the plastering of the walls and the ceiling, nor the ceramic tiles (difficulty finding a man to do the plastering first, the man waiting for ceramic tiles). Also scheduled (and hopefully) in the coming week. The main hall is mostly finished, the ceilings and the wall and the electricity and the stoves are all there, there is only a lot of cleaning to be done before next Sunday.

Darko (the leader of the team of locals responsible for the work done for Bolji život) and I also took a photo together, just for fun!

Zeljko is waiting for the chimney, kitchen and toilets to be completed so that he can complete the installation of the main oven - also scheduled for next week.

I also spoke with Darko and Nebojsa, the principal of the school, about the upcoming opening ceremony. We agreed on a number of issues: The opening ceremony on Sunday, November 8, 2020 starts at 4 p.m. in the cultural center.
First the representatives of the local government in Doboj talk to the media and guests about the project, then I speak on behalf of Bolji Zivot and Warmte voor de Kinder. Once the project of the renovation of the Cultural Center has been introduced and presented, Darko will ask all attendees to walk (just a few meters) to the entrance of the school, where we have another surprise. Next, Nebojsa and I will reveal the plaque to Tom in front of the school and inform all attendees about the five-year project / agreement about what Warmth is doing for the children to help the school. Nebojsa will take this opportunity to give a "thank you note" to Warmte for the Children on behalf of the school and I will receive it on behalf of Warmte for the Children. Then the official part is almost over and all attendees move back to the Cultural Center where they prepare lunch and drinks and maybe even music (everything in accordance with the current legal measures, so not sure if it will be a big party) or small party, probably on a small scale. In the meantime, I will try to hire someone to take fun professional or semi-professional photos and video clips at the opening ceremony so that we can help everyone in the Netherlands to have at least some sort of experience with what happens at the opening, because everyone is sad that no one from Holland can be present.

Likewise, we can use such photos to send attractive press releases to the media in Republika Srpska, in the hope that some / so many will like and publish the story, thus spreading the word about the great things both of you foundations are doing in Bosnia. It has also been agreed that as soon as you can come from the Netherlands to visit (next spring or when possible), we will organize another event / party so that we can mark the end of this project - with our friends / donors.

Okay I guess that's all, if I forgot something I apologize and I'll try to add that information later.

Indira Randall

November 2020.