Achterhoek Balkan April 2017

April 2017 we had a meeting with the association Achterhoek Balkan. Besides old acquaintance’s from “Hulp aan Roemenie Doetinchem”, “Hulp Roemenie” and “Warmte voor de Kinderen” also some new people were present from the foundation ShoeBox4Ro: Jos Klaassen, Andre Nibbelink, Remco Kamphuis en Camelia Argint.

The present composition of ShoeBox4Ro is not accidently: Jos Klaassen, André Nibbelink and Remco Kamphuis have been regularly to Romania with the founders Frank Niessink and Bennie Hendriksen. Due to the fact they do not speak Romanian they followed a language course given by Camelia Argint. That is how teacher and pupils found each other and Frank and Bennie asked them to take over ShoeBox4Ro when Frank became problems with his health.


The present team behind ShoeBox4Ro are (left to right) Camelia Argint, André Nibbelink, Remco Kamphuis and Jos Klaassen

In spite all the different opinions about how we can help the poor children in the Balkan countries (foremost Romania and Bosnia) we are happy to find out that we can help each other with know-how, services and our network. This is how we maintain our own identity and cooperate where we can!

It is always the same challenge for charity organisations how to raise funds to realise the projects. Almost everybody depends on gifts of sponsors completed with a big part of enthusiasm en spare time. Everybody works on voluntary basis and pays his own travel costs. Warmte voor de Kinderen is happy with a small monthly gift from individual employees from Rensa that they donate out of free will every month. A beautiful example of crowd funding and our foundation is very happy with this donation.

Where “Warmte voor de Kinderen” foremost manages and coordinates projects from a distance, the other organisations are active themselves to offer help and deliver goods to those in need. There is a need for everything: clothes, sanitary ware, bikes, heating products, beds and medical products, wheelchairs and drilling machines to mention some examples.

Do you have good stuff you do not really need anymore? Think about our charity work and donate your products instead of selling them for a few euros . You can find the various websites through the web links on our website. You can also ‘Like’ the Facebook sites from ShoeBox4Ro and foundation “Warmte voor de Kinderen”.

Willem Siebelink
Chairman foundation “Warmte voor de Kinderen”.