Achterhoek Balkan meeting

Finally it was that time again. After a long period of corona vicissitudes, the Achterhoek Balkan partnership was once again together. On June 28, 2022 we met at the beautiful and hospitable location of the Terborg Wine Central.

Representatives of Help to Romania Doetinchem, Shoebox, the Dominika Foundation and of course Warmte voor de Kinderen were present. A special and warm welcome was given to Alex van der Slikke of foundations Verdouw continues and Bolji Zivot. Alex has been doing major construction projects in underprivileged countries for years. We worked together very successfully 2 years ago on a large construction and heating project in Tekucica Bosnia. After an extensive round of proposals, we listened to wonderful stories about projects realized in the recent past. We can learn a lot from each other, both in the selection of a project as well as in the financing, support, supervision and final control!

The year 2022 is largely dominated by the war in Ukraine. The Warmte voor de Kinderen Foundation has even decided to use its entire budget for the reception of Ukrainian refugees in Hungary and Romania. Selecting the right projects with the right objectives remains a challenge for everyone. The Warmte voor de Kinderen foundation is already at an advanced stage before 2023 to realize a storage warehouse in Cernetzea in Romania. This requires the deployment of a construction supervisor and we hope to achieve this through this partnership. All in all, a very successful meeting with a very valuable contribution from all those present!

Willem Siebelink
chairman of the Warmte for the Children foundation


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