Our cooperation in Romania

The Warmte voor de Kinderen foundation works in and around the city of Timisoara to improve the living conditions of underprivileged children in homes and street children. We work closely with Mrs. Mechtild Gollnick, coordinator of the German foundation Hilfe für Kinder and with Gusti Iuga, Baptist pastor and coordinator of the Romanian Association Priscila in the village of Bencec de Jos. In principle, all our projects are about Mrs. Gollnick, she advises us, manages our finances there and monitors the use of the funds and the sustainability and implementation of the projects. The description from Hilfe für Kinder's website about Mrs. Gollnick's organization: HILFE FÜR KINDER (www.hilfe-fuer-kinder.de) The foundation "Hilfe für Kinder" Heinsberg is a registered German association that can issue donation receipts and was founded in 1996. Mechtild Gollnick works as a representative of the association in Temesvar. The association is exclusively financed by private donations, e.g. from Germany and the Netherlands, for example from companies, associations, parishes, schools, kindergartens and many private individuals. The tasks: 1. Improving the situation for children and young people in homes and children's clinics in Timisoara district and for street and Roma children. 2. Educational assistance for needy children and youth (school fees, school supplies, travel or boarding school expenses for students, scholarships for students) 3. Financial assistance to families in need through regular monthly sponsorship or through individual support for food, school supplies, clothing and firewood for the winter, in the event of serious illness, at Christmas and Easter, etc.

Mrs. Gollnick is an honorary citizen of the city of Timisoara and in possession of the Bundesverdienstkreuz of Nordrhein-Westfalen. Proscila Association (https://asociatiapriscila.ro) This Romanian NGO is run by Gusti Iuga and his wife Flori Iuga. They run, among other things, the social center annex childcare home in Bencec de Jos, the home for assisted living in Timisoara and have a first crisis shelter at home for the abandoned children who have been neglected by parents. Their work consists of several utilities: - Childcare, socialization, nutrition, education, medical care and welfare. - Reception of dropped mothers with children. - Guidance of young adults discharged from children's homes towards an independent life. - Various forms of emergency aid, such as now for Ukraine refugees. - Social support for the elderly, the homeless and the illiterate. - Evangelism and provision of food and clothing assistance.

GUSTI with one of the adopted orphans.

FLORI during the 'Homework guidance' project

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