Report form the treasurer

The financial report over 2014 shows a deficit of € 2.573,00. As treasurer one is not satisfied. Did we spend too much or didn’t we raise enough? Personally I think we can’t spend enough money on the good cause so I could conclude we did not raise enough.

The president used his influence in Rensa and raised thanks to gifts form employees € 2.508,00. Mr. Frans Geurts donated € 2.645,00 which came from all the gifts he received on his birthday and farewell as secretary from the Dutch wholesale federation. Together with the project support form foundation “Hulp aan Roemenie” (€ 2.500,00) en some other gifts (€ 325,00) the result was an income in 2014 of € 7.978,00.

As you can read on the website the foundation contributed in two projects. An installation in a school in Bencecu de Jos (in cooperation with foundation “Hulp aan Roemenie”) and one in Valea Stejarului. Both in Romania. Some products came form Uniprest Romania, a company in Rensa Group. In the school in Valea Stejarului we were able to donate 4 toilet groups thanks to a related friend.

Total expenses for these projects were € 10.087,00 which resulted in a negative result of € 2.109,00. After deduction of costs (administration, website, bank costs) of € 465,00 the total result was minus € 2.574,00.

After deducing the general reserve our own equity was € 8.363,00. Looking back on 2014 we are nevertheless happy with all the gifts we received and the projects we accomplished. A word of gratitude to all those who made a gift. The question for the future is how can we raise more money?

Robert Schellekens