Report from Tom Visser

After the first action to also provide a school in Bosnia with central heating, we have already moved 4 schools and the 5th is almost completed. A primary school about 25 kilometers from Daboj is the lucky one. This school, called Dura Jaksic, has 172 children aged 6 to 15 (9 classes in total) with the possibility of extension.

Six surrounding villages use this school, namely: Majevac Gorni and Donji (high and low), Seçlije, Ritesic, Trnjani Gorni and Donji. Here too we are going to burn a large wood boiler (± 100 kW) with the option of coal. The children we speak to are very happy with the arrival of central heating.

Frequently heard comments from previously delivered schools are: "At least we no longer have to sit in the classroom with the coat on". And: "Lovely," no more smoke in the class in the morning from the small pot heaters. " Even when the children go to school in the morning, they can dry their clothes by the radiators. In short, a luxury that we normally find. Last year during our holiday there, we were made aware that this school, like many other schools, was particularly eligible for it.

We went there to look with someone from the municipality and the head of the school. After an inventory of what had to be done, we requested prices from local installers. The installation company that we had done business with before was ultimately the cheapest. Experience has taught us that he delivers good quality and good service. Last April, after having discussed the matter with the board of "Heat for Children", we agreed to the start of the installation.

In the meantime, the project is ready and during our holiday in July we can have the case delivered together with someone from the board and pay the final installment. The gratitude and happiness of the children more than compensates for the efforts that the board of the foundation "Warmth for Children", my wife and I could make.

I therefore hope that many schools can still realize this way through much charity.