Report schools in Boljanic and Suho Polje

Much work has been done in Boljanic to get everything ready in time before winter falls. The whole installation is completed and is functioning satisfactory. In October it will be delivered and we can see for ourselves how it is. The pictures we receive give us already a good impression of what is accomplished.
During our stay last summer we were asked to come to a small primary school in Suho Polje.  A small village, some 15 kilometres from Boljanic. This school is part of the Boljanic school and has the same name: Petar Petrovic Negos.
The school director askes us if there were any possibilities to install a central heating system in this small school also. He told us that during a flood in May 2014 in Doboj, some materials had been saved like some panel radiators and a wood-boiler. To reduce costs they wanted to use these materials again in the renovation.

Foundation Warmth for the Children will finance the rest of the necessary materials like pipes, valves, labour costs etc. The chimney will be build by volunteers. The realisation of this project is now on going so the children (age 7 – 12 years) will have a comfortable and warm classroom coming winter.

There a many more projects like this. We can offer so much more aid but to do so we need lots of support from you. Please care about the children in Bosnia. They will be grateful.

Kind regards,
Tom Visser