Thank you patrons!

There are many people, especially in and around the Rensa family, who have a warm heart for our Warmte voor de Kinderen foundation! A large part of them, employees of Rensa, Gevier, Gafco and Verholt, have a self-determined amount of their net salary withheld each month via the salary administration, which fully benefits our foundation! Others voluntarily waive their annual Christmas package and have a replacement amount transferred to Warmte voor de Kinderen! Still others annually transfer a fixed amount to the foundation that, if provided with the correct statement from our treasurer, is FULLY (without a threshold) deductible with the income tax return (after all, we are an ANBI foundation)! All these people together provide an important part of our (fixed) income. Without their support, we as a board would not be able to continue our beautiful work! On behalf of the board, I would like to thank both them and the people who make an incidental and/or structural financial contribution to us!


Willem Siebelink

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