Thanks again

Hello everyone, After our last contact, we have now found a meaningful destination for your donation; Pastor Levente indicated that, after our trailer full of relief supplies, he had enough supplies for the time being to provide the reception locations in the Gönc region. After consultation, we have chosen to look for a destination in our Lake Tisza region that is committed to the Ukrainian refugees. We found this last week in the person of Pastor Gusztav Fodor in Tiszaszentimre. (indeed a colleague of Levente) We went with him to a reception center in Tiszaroff to distribute clothing that we had brought from Holland in April to refugees. He himself goes into Ukraine several times a month, where he brings relief goods and especially food to a distribution depot. From there, the goods are taken in small vans to the front lines where people often spend days in the air raid shelters and lack everything. We have understood from him that there is currently the most lack of food. Gustav wants to spend the money to put together food packages, which will be transported at the end of May. We are still thinking about the invitation to go with him to Ukraine one day, to experience for ourselves how the distribution of food and clothing is organised. As the situation is currently, this help will remain necessary for the time being, so we still have time to think... So much for this update. We will keep you informed.

Carel and Inge

Dominica Foundation

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