Travelogue delivery project Boljanic

Saturdaymorning  22-01-2011 at 9.30  departure. Parking near the airport of Köln Bonn and checking in all went prosperous.  So Prosperous that we arrived 3.5 hours too early.

After a perfect flight to Sarajevo we found the car we reservated. However there was a thick layer of snow of about 30 to 40 cm, so we needed 3.5 hours to reach Doboj. In Doboj we found a little hostel and next day after digging out our car we went to family. The day after we visited the school to check the new project.

It looked fantastic. The whole boilerhouse as well as the chimney were totally renovated. The concierge had poked up the boiler strongly so it was warm and cosy in school. A new woodstove of 250 kW had replaced the old one. Just in time because the old one couldn't be repaired anymore. From the ministry no help was to be expected so it looked like every classroom had to be heated indivually. This was happily prevented by the aid of  Foundation Warmth for the Childeren. Everybody was so thankfull, expressed by diverse declamations of the children and speeches from members of the board and some teachers.

A part of the school, namely 4 bigger classrooms, 2 offices and the hall are not  yet heated. It would be great to place a new woodstove of ± 100 kW including the radiators. the estimated costs are 8 to 10.000 euro.

The bare necessities, for us self-evident, but for them still luxury. In brief after a very succesfull mission back home, tired but satisfied.

Tom en Ljubica Visser