Children COUNTRY  |  Romania
PLACE/ CITY  |  Timisoara
YEAR  |  2015

Children’s home “For Help” Timisoara

Since a few years foundation “Hulp aan Roemenië” sponsors children’s home “For Help” Timisoara from Claudia Radu.

Two activities in this home: aid for children and aid for mothers in crisis. The planned project is the renovation of the building in cooperation with foundation “Warmte voor de Kinderen”.

The project will be executed in phases:
1.    Renovation of the electrical installation and central heating system (2015)
2.    New bathroom, kitchen, painting work (2015)
3.    Lifting and renovation of the roof (2016)
4.    Renovating top floor (2016)
5.    Optional: solar panels for hot water.

Brief description of the works:

Phase 1 Renovation of the electrical installation and central heating system
In November 2015 5 volunteers worked 8 days on this job with two local volunteers.
The electrical installation was completely replaced and preparations were made for renovating the heating installation.

Phase 2 New bathroom, kitchen and painting work
A begin has been made for constructing the 1st new bathroom.
In December a transport from Doetinchem to Timisoara will come with all the necessary sanitary ware.

Phase 3 Lifting and renovation of the roof
The existing roof is in very poor state and needs to be renovated. By lifting the roof with 80cm a extra floor can be realized. This is a complicated and a lot of work and has to be planned.

Phase 4 Renovating top floor
For temporary stay a bathroom and living- bedroom is planned.

Foundation “Hulp aan Roemenie” is being active over more than 20 years in Timisoara in Romania. We work close together with the local foundation “Hilfe für Kinder”. This foundation operates local and has very good contacts with the authorities, social- and clerical institutions.

-    Existing building (left) and the acquired building (right)
-    Roof to be renovated
-    Actual support of children with homework in a small room

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