Fifth school in Bosnia

Fifth school in Bosnia COUNTRY  |  Bosnia and Herzegovina
PLACE/ CITY  |  Majevac
YEAR  |  2009

Fifth school in Bosnia

After the first action to provide a school in Bosnia with central heating, we passed already 4 schools and the fifth is almost ready. A primary school, 25 kilometers from Doboj is the lucky one. This school carries the name of Dura Jaksic, has 172 children in the age of 6 -15 year ( total 9 classes) and has a possibilty of expansion.

Six villages in the surroundings make use of this school, namely: Majevac Gorni and Donji (high and low situated), Seçlije, Ritesic, Trnjani Gorni and Donji. Here we gonna heat a big wood-stove (±100 kW) with possibilty of black coal. The children we speak with are very happy wit the arrival of the central heating.

Many comments by previosly schools are: ‘Now we don't need to sit with our jackets in the classroom anymore’. And: ‘Great, no more smoke in the classroom, due to little coal-stoves’. And when the children have to travel in the rain, they are now able to dry their jackets near the radiators. In brief a luxury we consider as normal. Last year while on holiday, we were told that this school, like many others, was specially appointed for this action.

Tom Visser started to visit with some official of the village and the director of the school. After a brief investigation of what should be repaired they asked the prices for repair with some local contractors. The contractor with whom they had worked before, was in the end the cheapest. From experience we know he delivers a good quality combined with good service. In april the board of 'Warmte voor de Kinderen' agreed with the installation.

Now, July 2009 the project is ready and Tom and his wife , while on holiday, and a member of the board could finish the project and pay the last term. The gratitude and happiness of the children compensates abundantly the efforts of  Tom and his wife and the boardmember of stichting ‘Warmte voor Kinderen'.

We hope that, thanks to a lot of charity, many schools will be realised this way. Click here for the film, as showed on television.

Fifth school in Bosnia Fifth school in Bosnia Fifth school in Bosnia