Aid to primary school at Majevac

The school concerned is located at a small village called Majevac close to Doboj in Bosnia-Herezegovina. This school has only a few small wood-burning stoves which are unable to sufficiently heat the class rooms. The children must keep their coats on when the weather gets cold. Temperatures of -20 C are no exception!

The children come walking to the school from far and near and there is little joy in that, especially in winter. Apart from being inadequate, the present stoves produce a strong smell of wood and cole, not exactly good conditions for teaching. The Warmte voor de Kinderen aims at improvement of environmental conditions in schools. Since its establishment in 2003, 9 projects have been realised thanks to the support of many contributors. Also this school with about 150 pupils can be provided with a complete heating system for an amount of Euro 12.50 per (school)year. The total cost for a complete installation would be around Euro 15 000.

Peter Peek, 3 august 2007.