Central Heating in 5 schools in Bosnia

After our first project, the installation of central heating in a school in Bosnia, we did the same in 4 more schools while work in the 5th school is almost completed. This school is a primary school, named Dura Jaksic, at about 25 km from Doboj. The school has 172 pupils from 6 to 15 years old (9 forms altogether) and is still growing. The school is attended by children of 6 surroundong villages named Majevac Gorni en Donji, Seçlije, Ritesic, Trnjani Gorni en Donji. Here we will also use a big wood-burning stove (about 100 kw) with the possibility of coal. The children we spoke to are delighted with the arrival of central heating. Much heard remarks are: “Now we don’t have to keep on our coats in the class room”, and “Lovely, no more smoke from those small round iron stoves in the class room in the morning”. And when the children come to school in the rain they can dry their wet clothes near the radiators, a normal luxury to us. Last year, during our holiday in the area, this school was brought to our attention. We visited the school with a representative of the local council and the headmaster. Following our assessment of the work involved we asked local firms for quotations. The firm we had done business with before submitted the lowest offer. We know from experience that this firm provides good quality and service. Last April, after having consulted the members of the Board of Warmte voor de Kinderen, we gave the green light to start the Works. The project is completed now. We, together with a member of the Board, can now take delivery in July during our visit overthere. The final instalment can also be paid at that time. The gratefulness and happiness of the children are ample award for the efforts of the Board of ‘Warmte voor de Kinderen and those of my wife and myself. I trust, therefore, that by plenty of charity many more schools can benefit.

Projectcoördinator Tom Visser (2008)