Recently  I met Hans Braafhart of the foundation: ‘hulp-roemenie’ (Aid to Rumania).  Together we  discussed  the possibility of working  together. Hulp-roemenie  provides sanitary facilities for schools in Rumania.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if one day we could work together on a project.:  A warm and clean  school with good sanitary facilities for the children!                                                       

From April 27 to May 5 Hans and 6 of his colleagues were in Rumania building sanitary facilities. This project was selected 2 years ago. The roof of the school was in poor condition. Last year they renovated the roof with financial support of hulp-roemenie. Last month, 3 toilettes were installed in the building.

Hulp-roemenie mainly consists of a group of police officers who go to Rumania in their own time  and at their own expense. They are trying to raise funds for the foundation in various ways.

Hans Braafhart and I decided to meet again later this year after having discussed the possibility of working together with our members of the Board.

See below some photos of the school which Hans and his colleagues took 2 years ago.

To be continued.

Willem Siebelink