Cooperation with other organisations

Since my appointment as president of the foundation Warmte voor de Kinderen
I always tried to cooperate with other organisations with the same:
•    Target group
•    Geographic region (south east Europe)
•    Origin (Achterhoek in province of Gelderland)
•    Basic principles (only volunteers, no paid employees)

From this idea contacts were born with foundation “Hulp aan Roemenië” (f.e. Eggo Boer, Cock Stap (recently deceased)) and a group of police men (f.e. Hans Braafhart), who by the name of “Hulp Roemenië” executes every year a project with sanitary products. Given the fact that this foundation is connected to a German foundation “Hilfe Für Kinder” (managed by Mrs. Mechteld Golnick, honourable citizen of the city of Timisoara) you can say this is a international network. We want to extend this model because together we are more than alone. End of 2015 we started and next to the organisations mentioned above also ShoeBox4Ro (Frank Niessink) participated. After a very constructive and positive meeting we decide to go onwards together! Cooperation is essential! You just can’t send a bag with money to Eastern- Europe and think that everything will be fine. You need reliable people at the spot as well at home to be confident a project is executed according the agreements and standards and the money is spend well without wasting it. The cooperating organisations decided to sign an agreement in which is descripted and confirmed that they are willing to cooperate:

•    Use each other networks in southeast Europe;
•    Transport;
•    Fundraising
•    Exchange of goods;
•    Exchange of experience and know-how;
•    Adjudge proposed projects;
•    Optimize social media

We are still looking for a good name for this cooperation. If you have a suggestion please send an email to en maybe you will win a little present if we choose your suggested name!

Willem Siebelink,
President foundation Warmte voor de Kinderen