Let me introduce my self: Sandra Romp

Since about six months I support the foundation Warmth for the Children. This is a foundation committed to children who lack heating and warm water.
I was asked to attend the meetings of the board and to make the notes. I like to do this. I was not aware that people who spend their precious time in this are so motivated. And I can see that good work is done and that they achieve results. Naturally everything has to be done against low costs. The fact that Rensa is a wholesaler in heating and installation products can help to keep costs low. But we also need beneficiaries to sponsor the projects to be executed.

Foundation Warmth for the Children started to cooperate with association Achterhoek Balkan. In this way more people with the same intentions can work together in order to help people who are not so lucky as we are. In this way we can help each other to achieve our goals faster. This can be products, transport you name it! Also this year some nice projects are being planned to be executed and I hope we can realise them all!

Sandra Romp
Secretary Warmth for the Children