NATHAN Import donates computers to school

Mr. Wolf Nathan from Nathan Import has replaced all PCs in his company with new, more modern versions. Nathan Import / Export is a factory agent for products that are mainly used in heating and cooling systems. Nathan is an agent of, among others, Uponor piping systems and underfloor heating, Waterkotte heat pumps and Oventrop fittings for heating systems. As an agent of these leading products, Nathan advises the installation world and supplies through various wholesalers in the Netherlands. See also “Good, fast computers are necessary for our business operations. These have become indispensable assets for calculating and drawing installation systems, but also for our business operations, email etc. Although the PCs are only four to five years old, they still had to be replaced for models with faster processors and larger memory capacity. Last year I got to know the Rensa school project in Romania and I got the idea to donate the surplus PCs to a school there. The PCs go to a larger primary school (no. 24) where they teach computer but only have 4 PCs for 100 children. With our donation, many more children can now work and learn at the same time! ” said mr. Wolf Nathan. The computers will be transported to Romania in December. This transport is provided completely free of charge by Transport Company Hoftijzer from Lochem. This carrier drives a trailer to Romania once a year to deliver goods there.