Update Göncruska July 2022

Hello all,
We are now, after the last update, almost 2 months further. We have not been idle; After we came to the conclusion in consultation with our contact Levente, the pastor in Göncruska, that they had sufficient supplies for the time being, we made contact with pastor Gustav Fodor in Tiszaszentimre. He knew a good destination for a bus full of clothes that we brought from Holland in April. We went with him to a refugee reception center in Tiszaroff. We saw how grateful the refugees present were with the clothing, but were allowed to pay due to the privacy of not taking pictures of them. The contact with Gustav gave us a good feeling: a reliable and very enthusiastic man who does everything to offer help to the refugees in Hungary, but also has a network in Western Ukraine. Through this network he provides food in various villages. He told us that because of the war there is a shortage of basic foodstuffs: flour, oil, etc... The number of refugees from eastern Ukraine, the Donbass region, seeking a place in western Ukraine is enormous and causes serious shortages. From his church organization he buys food in Hungary that is collected by Ukrainian truckers and delivered to the aid organization in Ukraine.
To support this work, we have fully used your donation to contribute to such a transport. Previous transports contained food packages made, in the last transport that was partly paid for by our donations, complete pallets with foodstuffs were chosen. Because much more can be transported this way. The making of the packages is now done by the volunteers in Ukraine. They also take care of the distribution in the villages to the people who need it most. I myself helped with the loading of the trailer last week, nice to be logistically busy again! Below is a series of photos of all our activities. More pictures of this project: click here. So much for this update. If you have any questions, I'd love to hear them!
Carel Oldenboom
Dominika . foundation

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