Update Tekucica project

Recently we received two updates from our contact person Indira Randall, regarding the progress of our Tekućica project (click here)

September 25, 2020
As promised I would keep you updated on the progress of the Tekućica project.
Most of the work on the main building has been done. In short, the entire work that was planned to be covered (paid for) by the local government has been completed - repair of the walls, windows and doors, floors, new roof, insulation. Zeljko (the installer) has also done most of his work for the heating, preparing the pipes and most of the heaters. What Zeljko still has to do is put the heaters in the bathrooms and kitchen and then connect everything to the main oven (which is already in the building). Zeljko is now waiting for the team of local volunteers working on the addition of the building (toilets and kitchen, partially covered by Alex's foundation) to complete their interior work. They are currently preparing the floor for the ceramic tiles, and in a few days they will be working on the tiles. They also prepared the foundation for the new chimney, so that is being worked on. In short, 90% of the work is done and the finishing touches are needed: in the toilets / bathroom and kitchenette, and on the chimney. I expect the latest photos from the site today and I will forward them to you.

October 26, 2020
It is a 'madhouse' here with the corona situation very bad at the moment, the number of cases is the highest since the very beginning. So we don't even have the confirmed opening ceremony date as the government is introducing new restrictive measures almost every day and it is difficult to plan. The ceremony will likely be limited to 30 participants, maybe even 10, depending on the latest government decisions / orders. The target is still the first half of November, but due to the situation, they cannot confirm the date yet. For example, the schools in Republika Srpska were instructed to close and go online from this morning. We expect the same to happen in the Federation of BiH, but maybe after the elections (November 15). Due to the volatile situation, it was not easy to complete our project.
That said, we are still making some progress. The chimney will be ready soon. Once that's done, Zeljko can continue with the rest of the central heating work.

I will keep you updated on ANY news as soon as we confirm anything!

Indira Randall