Website again fully available in 3 languages!

For years, the website of the Warmte voor de Kinder foundation has been available in no less than 3 languages: Dutch, English and Romanian!

This is not only useful for visitors from abroad, but also a lot of translation work for the administrator of our website. Previously, every message or (project) report had to go to a number of volunteers who took care of the English or Romanian translations. These had to be taken over one by one by the administrator on the website. A lot of work for a volunteer and over the years there had been some backlog.

Fortunately, the modern age offers more and more tools for translation into various languages. These translations are not always beautiful, but they amply meet the requirements we set for them. It is therefore nice to note that from August 2020 our entire website can always be viewed in three preferred languages. A comforting thought and very pleasant for the manager!

Willem Siebelink,