Solar collectors for children

Solar collectors for children COUNTRY  |  Romania
PLACE/ CITY  |  Timisoara
YEAR  |  2018

Solar collectors for children’s homes

Foundation “Warmte voor de Kinderen” en the foundation “Hulp aan Roemenië” cooperate within “Achterhoek Balkan” on projects in Bosnia and Romania. Joint purchasing, transport, installation activities on the job.
The Solar-collector project in Timisoara for the children’s homes “For Help” and “Otniël” were executed within the framework of this cooperation.

“Otniël” children’s home

The Stan family manages children’s home “Otniël” in Timisoara suburbs. In this home there is room for 26 underprivileged children. Children (some 4 years of age) are accompanied from entering the house until the age of 18. Besides a warm house and enough and good nourishment they are educated and do sports. Because of stricter EU rules there is now only room for 13 children. This is bad news for the children who can’t be helped.

Part of the group at breakfast

“Otniël” children’s home helps also elderly people with social problems. In some cases they help them with clothes, food or help them to write letters to governmental institutions.

“For Help” children’s home

“For Help” is situated in Timisoara city and focuses on children who are not attending school. These children are offered meals, homework support, sports, computer lessons and sometimes clothes and shoes that is under the condition they do go to the primary school and attend the lectures. Extended school courses are offered. Momentarily 35 children are in the project.

Part of the children doing homework.

There is also space for crisis relief for mothers with children so there are always 2 to 4 children permanently in the house.

The solar project

A big part of the expenses of these houses are for heating and warm water (showers!). It was decided to install solar collectors and tanks for warm water supply. These installations can deliver warm water for the kitchens and bathrooms as well as heating.


Foundation “Warmte voor de Kinderen” will be responsible for supplying the solar collectors and water tanks. Foundation “Hulp aan Roemenië” will be responsible for installing with the help of volunteers in cooperation with a Romanian installer (necessary to get an official approval from the government). Transport of all material is done by Hoftijzer transport company from Lochem (NL), Twice a year they sponsor a big transport (90m3!) to Romania.


Foundation “Warmte voor de Kinderen” found the necessary products at Citrin. They made a very good offer and the materials were ordered en delivered in November 2017 in Doetinchem. With the Hoftijzer christmas transport in December 2017 delivery has taken place in Timiosara at “Otniël” children’s home.

Loading of one of the tanks

Foundation “Hulp aan Roemenië” finds an experienced installation engineer provided for free by the company GEAS Energiewacht with company car and fully equipped with all necessary tools to do the job. The job will be done together with some volunteer from the foundation “Hulp aan Roemenië” and with the Romanian installer.

The installation

After a day’s journey from the Netherlands works begin on June the 4th. Although nothing goes like expected (but in the Romanian way) the volunteers adapt the local way of work and improvise where they can!

Collectors on the roof!

We lost a day because of mandatory paperwork for the Romanian authorities but finally we got all the approval and stamps and the installation can be set into function!

At the other site at children’s home “For Help” the work had to be stopped because we ran out of time due to practical problems. The Romanian installer will finish this project. Also a pump is installed for soil water.

Installation approved!

We receive after one week the news that everything is approved and Mrs. Golnick hands over the installation formally.

Thanks to all beneficiaries and volunteers we were able again to finish another project successful. Literally in this case WARMTH FOR THE CHILDREN!

Eggo Boer.


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